Make your hiring process paperless – using SuccessFactors' Multi-Stage Application

Imagine you are looking for a new job, you apply online with your mobile device, you take an online test to show how qualified you are, your interview is conducted online, you accept and sign your job offer with a click. Everything digitally, no paper. And then this: You receive a letter with one of these good old Word-style paper forms asking you to provide further personal information such as your social security number or an emergency contact. There you go digital world…

To make this process seamlessly digital with SuccessFactors is possible. You can either make use of the Onboarding module or adapt your application in SuccessFactors Recruiting. Doing so will not just improve your new hires' experience but also serve your HR staff by making the hiring process truly digital and more efficient. All of this can be done by making use of the Multi-Stage Application feature. Let’s have a look!


What does the Multi-Stage Application feature do?

With Multi-Stage Applications you can define which fields are shown to candidates (and HR staff) per application status. Do you want to keep the first step of your application process super-short and really just ask for the CV? Use Multi-Stage Application to do that! Sort through the candidates and only ask those further questions whom you are really interested in. Compared to the Single-Stage Application, where candidates provide you with all the information you require already in the first step, the Multi-Stage feature allows you to improve the candidate experience by keeping the process short and simple, without having to face the loss of necessary information.

“Having a complex and time-consuming application processes will cause you to lose as many as 9 out of 10 of your qualified applicants” Dr. John Sullivan  wrote here.


How can Multi-Stage Applications help me to make that last step digital?

As you have just learned, with Multi-Stage Application you can ask your candidates more questions at a later stage. So why not use that to ask them about the additional data you require to complete the hiring process, somewhere in the pipeline between “Offer” and “Ready to be hired”?

First you might want to create an additional status in your candidate pipeline that you use for the candidates whom you are about to hire.



Define what data you need from your candidates in that stage and add these fields to the application. Make sure these additional fields are grouped and clearly visible for candidates.


Screenshot Abfrage 

Please also be aware that information you ask for may be sensitive personal information and needs to be marked accordingly in order to comply with the new GDPR (if you want to learn more about GDPR, watch the recording of our Info Session or read more on our blog). Please also set the visibility settings for this information appropriately.

Moreover, make sure your candidate knows about the information you require.  Configure an e-mail that will detail the steps your future employee has to take to provide you with that information. You can send that e-mail automatically when moving the candidate into the new status. 

Once you have all the information you need, move the candidate to the “Ready to be hired” status if you are also using SuccessFactors Employee Central, or into "Hired" if you don’t.

If you have an integrated solution and manage your hiring process in Employee Central even better! You can automatically transfer the data into the required fields in the hiring action in Employee Central. Simply ask your SuccessFactors partner to help you configure the integration. No need to copy anything from paper or the application. Once you have hired that candidate all the information you need is there. That’s how you can create a truly digital hiring process that saves you and your new hires a lot of time and hassle.

If you want to explore ideas how to make your recruiting process more digital and want to learn more about SuccessFactors Recruiting get in touch with us for an online demo. We are happy to help.


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