Employee experience and SAP SuccessFactors – How to win the best employees and retain them

According to Forbes, 2018 is the year of the employee experience. In its “Review of 2018 Human Capital Management Trends & Forecasts” SAP, too, considers employee experience the most innovative and also the steadiest of current HR trends.


Employee experience –Consistent user-experience for employees at the core


While “customer experience” focuses on customers and their touchpoints with organizations, “employee experience” does the same for employees.

Talent shortage, extensive digital transformation, greater mobility on the employment market as well as new, project-based forms of employment and teams make recruiting and retaining the best talents ever more important and turn them into a real challenge for recruiters. Organizations compete for talents. They, in turn, use platforms such as kununu.com or jobvote.com ever more frequently in order to check evaluations of employers in advance.

A study by IBM Smarter Workforce Institute underlines how important this trend is for corporations. Employees who ranked in the top quartile for perceived employee experience were 73% more willing to show job engagement above par. Moreover, they were 52% less inclined to leave the organization.

Consequently, the goal is to create a consistently positive experience for (potential) employees with the organization: from their first contact as candidates during recruiting over core HR tasks, performance/ goal management and learning management systems through to succession planning & development.


A compelling employee experience right from the start – Touchpoint recruiting


Employees do no longer put up with inefficient and arcane corporate processes but look intently for employers where they find things different.

Let’s start right at the beginning of an employee life cycle: with recruiting. As a matter of fact, many “millennials” do not even submit their application if the respective tool cannot be used intuitively, if it is not fast and does not look appealing.

SuccessFactors Recruiting offers a modern, engaging website where applicants easily find their way. They can inform themselves and apply quickly. Moreover, this website reflects the strategic recruiting goals and employer brand of your organization.  


Recruiting-Portal, created with Career Site Builder in SuccessFactors’ module Recruiting Marketing Recruiting-Portal, created with Career Site Builder in SuccessFactors’ module Recruiting Marketing


With the help of qualifying questions or ratings rejection letters can be sent automatically to candidates who do not fulfill the basic requirements. In this way, HR can filter top candidates and spend the time saved on personalized services for these candidates and employees.

The Talent Community allows potential candidates who currently have not found an appropriate position or who are not willing (yet) to change jobs to stay in touch with the organization and to subscribe to job alerts. Talent pools can be used for future recruiting activities and targeted e-mail campaigns.


Apply for leave on the go – Touchpoint core HR processes


In the Core HR module SuccessFactors Employee Central, current employees can create a personal profile including a photo, search for colleagues in an interactive org chart, display their knowledge and skills, and communicate with others. With a few clicks in “Time Off”, they can apply for leave from their cell phones. Managers can promptly give their approval from the same tool. These and other self-service features foster communication in the organization, make it easier for employees and managers to get administrative tasks done and therefore also strengthen motivation.


SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Org Chart

 An org chart in SuccessFactors Employee Central

Retaining employees long-term – Touchpoint talent management


With SuccessFactors Performance & Goals employees can keep their managers up to date what they are just working on, with what goals this work is connected, and how they are making progress. Managers, in turn, can observe progress and compare to goals so that they can provide appropriate feedback and coaching. The features „Ask for Feedback“ and 360-degree-reviews allow for holistic performance evaluations.

In connection with SAP Jam, SuccessFactors Learning enables fully integrated Social Learning with a “social network”, where ideas, documents, information, calendar, events etc. about diverse subjects can be shared live in threads and groups.

Lastly, SuccessFactors Succession & Development allows employees to explore certain career paths proactively, to assess their qualifications for those careers, to close gaps in their qualifications with targeted training activities, and to prepare for future roles with a Career Worksheet.


SAP Jam User InterfaceSAP Jam User Interface


Modern and intuitive user interfaces help users to find their way easily in the system and to enjoy using it.




Employee experience is a holistic concept that includes almost all corporate departments, groups of employees, and processes. Heads of HR should think about what messages they want to send to potential as well as existing employees so that they can then adapt the touchpoints, processes, and interactions including the associated software and tools.

The shift to SuccessFactors also provides a chance to reconsider current processes and to make them easier, more efficient and more employee-friendly. We support you on your way into the cloud also with consultancy on cloud readiness, change management, and processes.

Do you have any questions about SAP SuccessFactors or would you like to see the modules in a free online demo? Feel free to contact us anytime.



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